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Senior Spotlight: Dylan Snee

Story:             The date’s September 3rd, 2021. Ramapo High School is faced off against West Essex in their first official game of the season. Ramapo’s on defense. Suddenly, the crowd erupts and linebacker Dylan Snee comes marching from his defensive stop, arms flexed, getting the crowd hyped. At this point, it was confirmed that Dylan Snee […]

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Senior Spotlight-Emily Chico: Defensive Dynamo

EMILY CHICO: DEFENSIVE DYNAMO BY: Sarah Chagares, Co-Editor in Chief SENIOR SPOTLIGHT BY: Sarah Chagares, Co-Editor in Chief             There is no “off season” for senior soccer standout Emily Chico. When she is not organizing the Ramapo defensive line, she is playing for her club team or engaged in her rigorous personal training regime. That schedule […]

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Female Athletic Senior Spotlight: Macy Eglinton Manner

You can’t talk about New Jersey softball without mentioning first baseman Macy Eglinton Manner. Starting in Maryland when she was only 9, Manner has developed a mentality to be the best she can be,  which has helped solidify her as one of the most fearsome forces in the entire state. Also being a varsity multisport […]

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Mia Suchora: Soccer Standout

Her older brother introduced this month’s Senior Spotlight athlete, Mia Suchora, to the sport of soccer when she was just five-years old. By the time she played on her first soccer team, the Wyckoff Recreation Kinder Kickers, she knew soccer was something that was very special to her. Fast-forward thirteen years and now the senior […]

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Savannah Nowak - There’s No Place Like Home!

By Arya Kaul Savannah Nowak has played almost every sport thanks to her dad’s love for sports. Being an athlete himself, he convinced her to try all sports, eventually leading her to find her passion for softball. In 5th grade, she began playing for the Wyckoff recreational softball team, and started travel softball in 6th […]

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Senior Spotlight: Shannon Cicero

For the last 4 years, Ramapo has had the privilege of witnessing the majestics brought to the tennis court by senior Shannon Cicero. Playing for eight years, Shannon has learned to perfect her craft which has led her to becoming the 15th ranked player in New Jersey and the 358th best player in the entire […]

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Senior Spotlight - Haley Schmidt

Known for her profound leadership, companionship, and drive on the soccer field, in the gym, and in the classroom, Haley Schmidt continues to make her mark as a star athlete. Her soccer career began roughly 7 years ago when she first realized her abilities on the local RYSA Wildcats team. Having been surrounded by a […]

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Conquering the Epic Highs and Lows of High School Football By Arya Kaul

For 13 years, Charles DePrima has dedicated himself to the sport of football. Ever since his father handed him a football and said, “Let’s make you quarterback”, DePrima has worked endlessly to better himself as a player, teammate, and leader. Praise from coaches and teammates, as well as his athletic prowess on the field, is […]

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Senior Spotlight: Richie Sica

Ever since age 8, Ramapo running back Richie Sica has made his mark on the New Jersey football world and has solidified himself as a premier force on the field. And ever since then, Ramapo students and staff have been gratefully able to witness the majestics put on the turf by Sica. His status as […]

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Lukas Choi Senior Spotlight - Jack Houston

When you do something best in life, you don’t really want to give that up - and for me it’s tennis” - Roger Federer. Ramapo senior and profound athlete Lukas Choi knows all too well about the art of tennis. Choi has known the sport seemingly all throughout his life. Choi started at the age […]

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