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New and Improved: Ramapo Girls Flag Football

During a very busy spring season, Ramapo's newest addition, the Girls Flag Football Team, opened their season this past Tuesday in a game against PCTI. To show support, tons of Ramapo fans and students wore black. This game would be the girls' first, and although nervous, the girls walked onto the field with strength and […]

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Ramapo Flag Football

This past year alone has provided a plethora of difficulties and hardships. COVID's unbreakable grasp has limited many from pursuing their passions this year. From postponing seasons to shutting down multiple schools, this impalpable ruler has produced great negativity. However, senior Arielle Zane takes a stand and sheds light on such a dark situation. While […]

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Aidan Bennett-Jones: Touching the Ground while Shining Like a Star

Aidan Bennett-Jones Senior Spotlight - Sarah Chagares When the referee blows the whistle, either at the beginning of the game or the beginning of the second half of the game, Ramapo soccer fans undoubtedly notice that one of the home team’s players inconspicuously bends down to touch the 50-yard line. That team member is Aidan […]

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