August 9, 2021

Female Athletic Senior Spotlight: Macy Eglinton Manner

You can’t talk about New Jersey softball without mentioning first baseman Macy Eglinton Manner. Starting in Maryland when she was only 9, Manner has developed a mentality to be the best she can be,  which has helped solidify her as one of the most fearsome forces in the entire state. Also being a varsity multisport athlete, Manner has shown Ramapo her awesome capabilities. 

Although the softball season has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Manner has managed to put up her usual amazing statistics. In total, Manner has notched 5 home runs and a great batting average of .329.

She also has over 50 total hits and over 50 runs. She would also like to mention that she has 27 hit-by-pitches in just one season. Attention across the state has been rightfully placed on Manner, which has helped her get two Second Team All-League in 2019 and 2020. 

Because of her great work ethic and skills, Manner has helped lead the team to a 27-5 record. She also helped the Raiders win their first BCT title since 2008, making plays such as a 6th inning 5-5-3 double play while holding down 3rd base. 

Over the course of her career at Ramapo, Manner has built up a great relationship with her team. 

“[I’m going to miss] my teammates and the sense of family the Ramapo softball program has fostered for my four years,” says Manner.

Manner has always been up for a good challenge ever since her beginnings. 

“I started playing because I wanted to participate in a fun team sport and I liked the challenge of learning all the different components of softball, like how to hit, throw, and field,” says Manner when asked why she started playing softball. 

Her hard-working mentality found its way into the classroom, helping her obtain a spot in the prestigious Notre Dame class of 2025. Even though she still has a long way to go in her journey, Manner will always be grateful for her time at Ramapo. 

“The willingness of everyone to help you and see you succeed,” says  Manner when asked what she’ll miss most about Ramapo. “Ramapo as an institution has a reputation of producing well-rounded and successful individuals and I will always be proud to have been a part of  this incredible community.” 

Manner also has unfaltering thanks to the people who have helped her along the way, including her parents. 

“My parents have contributed most to my success is always being by my side offering unwavering support and encouragement,” says Manner. “They never doubted my abilities and were always cheering for me and my team at each game.” 

She also didn’t want to leave out her coaches. 

“Additionally, Coach Baldino and Coach White for softball and Coach O’Neill and Coach Van Hook for volleyball have been irreplaceable in their guidance throughout my high school career,” says Manner. “They always believed in my athletic talent and pushed me to work hard in every practice and game.” 

And as a final expression of gratitude, Manner says: 

“I can hardly express how grateful I am for these people in my life and  will continue to carry their lessons with me after graduating from Ramapo.” 

Macy, everyone here at Ramapo is extremely grateful for what you have given to the school, and you will always be a true Ramapo Raider!

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