March 12, 2024

March 2024 - Senior Spotlight: Madeline Engelman-Sanz - Fencing

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The Ramapo Girls Fencing Team is on its way to the State Championships, with A-rated sabre fencer Madeline Engelman-Sanz leading the way. In all four years of her high school career, Maddy has maintained an undefeated status. Coach Jim Miller explained, “Fencing is a sport of strategy, speed, and strength. Maddy is ‘off the charts’ in all three categories, which presently makes her a world-class fencer and a future Olympian.” 

Also the co-founder of the Ramapo Women’s Sports Coalition, Maddy has proven to be an invaluable member of the team, always bringing a positive attitude to practice and supporting her teammates. As put by Kate Seyffer, a freshman sabre fencer, “Apart from being a phenomenal fencer, she is an extremely motivational and humble teammate and leader.” Her patience is critical as she often serves as a mentor to other sabre fencers, and has helped them improve not only in their fencing skills but also in their self-esteem. 

Maddy, who has maintained her A rating over the last four years, has achieved an outstanding amount of medals and wins. On top of her success within Ramapo, she competes internationally for the USA. On her birthday last year, she won first place at the Cadet World Cup in France. Maddy recalled, “Standing on the podium and hearing the national anthem being played because of my achievement was an incredibly special moment.” The caliber of this win was only matched by the team gold she and her teammates won at the Pan American Junior Championships. Recently, at the 2024 Pan American Championships in Rio, she won the silver medal, and continued to win gold in teams.

Fencing has enriched Maddy’s life in many ways. She’s been able to travel around the world for competitions, all the while making lifelong memories with her fellow teammates. She is proud to have the ability and responsibility to represent her school, her club, and her country at these events. At the same time, she’s been able to improve her skills on and off the strip, including time management and athleticism. 

Every day, Maddy continues to work towards improving and learning new skills. She will continue to fence for the Princeton Women’s Fencing Team. She says, “The women on the team are extraordinary athletes, who I am looking forward to having the opportunity to train and compete with. The coaching and resources at Princeton will allow me to grow as a fencer and take my skills to the next level.”

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