November 19, 2023

November 2023 - Senior Spotlight: Ryan DeKorte - Soccer

Ryan DeKorte on the field (Ryan DeKorte)

As the cheers of the crowd fill the air and the excitement of the game intensifies, one player stands tall on the field, ready to guide his team to victory. Senior Ryan DeKorte has been a key figure in the Ramapo community and Soccer team for the past four years. 

DeKorte’s journey in soccer has been deeply influenced by his family, particularly his brother. He recalls, “I began playing soccer when I was six, mainly because of my brother.” This early exposure ignited a competitive spirit in DeKorte, driving him to excel on the field. 

His competitive nature and motivation are clearly reflected in his impressive statistics. In his senior year, DeKorte finished the season with 5 goals and four assists. In his junior year, he scored 3 goals and had 7 assists. Ryan’s dominance on the field is attributed to what he calls his “competitive nature.” Ryan’s consistent improvement and performance are testaments to his dedication and the influence of his family’s passion for the sport. 

Ramapo teacher Mr.Thomas Witterschein has gotten to know Ryan over the years and has been to many of his games. Mr. Witterschein commented on Ryan’s performance as a player stating, “Ryan has led the team by earning the most valuable position on the soccer team — center midfield. Respect flows from that type of accomplishment. He has played this critical skill position in his Junior and Senior years — and helped his team win 2 County championships.”

However, soccer is far more than just a game to DeKorte; it embodies lessons in leadership, camaraderie, and personal development. As an upperclassmen, he understands his responsibility to the underclassmen on the team. Reflecting on this role, DeKorte says, “I have to set an example of good sportsmanship and teamwork for the underclassmen. Me and the other seniors are supposed to show our teammates how to win and lose the right way.” 

“His commitment to not just playing the game, but also nurturing a fun and close-knit environment is what made him a great player and a great teammate,” says senior Robert Moroz. 

Beyond the competitive aspect, DeKorte cherishes the experiences soccer has brought to his life. “I will miss being able to play with my friends, as well as all of the activities we do as a team during the season,” he reflects. DeKorte is an asset to the Ramapo community and has left his mark on the soccer field. We wish him the best of luck as he enters college.

Ryan DeKorte at practice (Ryan DeKorte)

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