The Ramapo Athletic Boosters Association

We are a non-profit organization with a mission of enhancing the high school experience for all people in the Ramapo community by supporting the amazing Athletic Programs at Ramapo High School.

We are a volunteer organization aiming to maximize the student/athlete experience for every student at Ramapo High School.

Athletics plays an important part of many students' lives - during the time they are at Ramapo and long after they have left. Whether it is learning what it truly means to be a team player - selflessly sacrificing for the benefit of the whole team - or the rewarding experience of cheering on one's classmates - we believe athletics can play a critical role in developing well-rounded individuals.

How We Support Athletics At Ramapo High School

We work with a diverse group of parents, coaches, volunteers, and faculty to provide our student athletes with every advantage we can so they can suceed both on and off the field.

We License The HUDL System

HUDL is a digital coaching tool enabling coaching staff to use video to further train and develop individuals and teams. The system also provides online access for all athletes and parents to each team’s video library.

We Help Fund New Construction Initiatives That Benefit All Sports Teams

We Provide Financial Support for Athletic Services & Events

We provide financial support for the Senior Sports Luncheon at the end of the year. We have reinstated the t-shirt giveaway to every dues paying family. The shirt was designed by a student from Ramapo’s very own Art Department.

Join Our Membership Program and Recieve All-Access Pass to Ramapo Sports

By signing up for a membership, you will not only be funding increased investment in our athletics program but also receive access to our exclusive members-only app. The app will allow you to receive up-to-date information on the latest sporting updates at Ramapo High School and make it easy to follow your children’s sports teams.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Get scores, schedules, and access to up-to-date team rosters that make following Ramapo Sports a joy.

Dedicated Mobile App

Staying up to date is easy with our mobile app, letting you access information about your son or daughters sport’s team instantly.
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