July 19, 2021

Savannah Nowak - There’s No Place Like Home!

By Arya Kaul

Savannah Nowak has played almost every sport thanks to her dad’s love for sports. Being an athlete himself, he convinced her to try all sports, eventually leading her to find her passion for softball. In 5th grade, she began playing for the Wyckoff recreational softball team, and started travel softball in 6th grade. Since then, Nowak has grown as a player, individual, and leader.

In 2020, the Ramapo softball season got cut short due to the pandemic. The team was only able to participate in three practices before having to shut down the softball program because of COVID. However, this unprecedented time has not stopped Nowak from exhibiting her athletic prowess and leadership skills both on and off the playing field.

As both a softball player and a fantastic basketball player, Nowak works in conjunction with her teammates to complete plays on the softball field, and score baskets on the basketball court. Her athletic ability is unequaled, allowing her and the Ramapo girls' basketball team to win a state championship, which is what she is most proud of.

Nowak is held in high regard by coaches and teammates and has even won both all league and county awards for being an amazing softball player. Her coaches would describe her as a determined, coachable, and dedicated player who always gives 100% effort no matter what. Over the years, Savannah has fostered a close relationship with her coaches, as well as her teammates.

Angela Delano, who also plays for the Ramapo softball team, commented on Nowak as an individual and team player saying, “Savannah Nowak is an extremely hardworking teammate who always does her best to make sure everyone on the team feels welcome. Beyond being an all around amazing player, she is a great person that always cheers for everyone and knows just what to say to get the team’s spirit up.”

This year has been a tough year for everyone, especially our seniors who do not get to participate in the normal rituals often participated in by the graduating class. When asked about what she will miss the most about Ramapo softball and basketball she said, “I am going to miss the community surrounding Ramapo sports the most. We are lucky to have the most incredible coaches, trainers, and everyone who makes our sports programs possible. Everyone who is a part of Ramapo sports dedicates themselves to every sport which is special.”

Nowak is a naturally talented athlete who humbly admits that her success was not all up to her. Her drive and her passion were the biggest contributors to her accomplishments, but her past coaches Josh Lont and Frank Baldino have left a lasting impact on her life. Her current coaches, Coach White, Coach Durando, and Coach Hofsaes have been mentors to her this year and she is thankful for all they have taught her in such a short amount of time.

Community is what makes the Ramapo students, staff, coaches, and administration so special. The amount of school spirit that fills the hallways of Ramapo High School is unmatched. “I am going to miss the people and the school spirit at Ramapo. Everyone at Ramapo wants to be the best, and it pushed you to be your best.” Nowak, like all seniors, is moving onto bigger and better things outside of our small Ramapo community. Nowak herself is going to play softball at the University of Rochester next year, but she will always be a Ramapo Raider at heart.

(Nowak playing catcher during a Ramapo softball game. Photo Courtesy of Sophia Katsouris)
(Nowak in her batting stance ready to hit the ball. Photo courtesy of Sophia Katsouris)
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