June 19, 2021

Senior Spotlight: Shannon Cicero


For the last 4 years, Ramapo has had the privilege of witnessing the majestics brought to the tennis court by senior Shannon Cicero. Playing for eight years, Shannon has learned to perfect her craft which has led her to becoming the 15th ranked player in New Jersey and the 358th best player in the entire country.

Her dedication to the game has clearly paid off as she has won numerous coveted state awards. These include being placed on the 1st Team All-Conference and 3rd Team All-County several times, 3rd Team All-Region in her sophomore year, and 3rd Team All-State in her junior year. Not only this, but Shannon has won a multitude of nationwide honors, including USTA Sectional Finalist 5 times, Sectional Champion 7 times, National Semifinalist, and National Quarterfinalist.

Continuing to lead the tennis team to greatness, Ramapo is at a current record of 8-1, even beating school rival Northern Highlands. And because of her constant leadership over the years, the team has shown great gratitude and thanks.

“Shannon has been the absolute best captain and friend throughout this past year,” says junior Rochelle Kitovsky. “She always believes that the team can win, no matter how much doubt we have in ourselves. Next year the remaining varsity players will all greatly miss

Shannon and her enthusiasm on the court.”

Along with this, it’s clear that Shannon loves Ramapo and its community

“I will miss the sense of community at Ramapo the most,” says Shannon. “Knowing that all of my peers want me to succeed and represent our school with pride is an exhilarating feeling. All of my teachers have been so supportive of me both academically and athletically, and I will forever be grateful for that.”

A hard worker who never gives up, Shannon attributes her success to her teammates, teachers, coaches, and her mother, who got her into tennis in the first place.

“I am so proud of how far Shannon has come and excited to see what is to come in the next four years,” says Mrs. Cicero.

And because of her success over her tennis career, Shannon has recently committed to Hamilton College to continue to better her education and tennis career.

But all in all, for your constant help to the Ramapo team and community, we will miss you Shannon!

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